If you want to lose weight quickly and healthily, you need a clear head, because losing weight quickly is not that easy. We reveal 30 tips to help you lose weight quickly and a lot.

Most of us have most likely asked ourselves how to lose weight . This wish becomes particularly urgent when summer comes, when you are invited to a wedding or when the next vacation is approaching. Then you want to lose weight quickly. Here you will find the most important tips and tricks that can be easily incorporated into everyday life and help you lose weight quickly.

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Lose weight quickly – 15 tips & tricks

 #01 – Drink plenty of water

Water is extremely important for our body as it is the prerequisite for many basic functions of our body. You should drink 2 to 3 liters of water a day. Sufficient fluids stimulate the body’s metabolism and thus help you lose weight faster. In addition, water also helps against feeling hungry. It is best to drink half a liter of water before you eat and you will find that your hunger will subside faster when you eat. If you are not used to drinking so much water, water can quickly become boring. The taste of the water can be improved with many ingredients. Mint, ginger, cucumber or various berries are just a few ways to make the taste of the water more interesting.

# 02 – Refrain from alcohol

Most alcoholic beverages are not only high in calories, but also inhibit fat loss as the body is busy breaking down the alcohol. Above all, if you want to lose weight quickly, you should completely avoid alcohol while you are losing weight.

# 03 – Eat more vegetables

Most vegetables have very few calories in relation to their size and therefore fill you up faster due to the higher volume. A third of your daily meal should consist of vegetables. This not only helps you lose weight faster. It is also significantly healthier at the same time .

# 04 – go for a walk

If you want to lose weight quickly, you need a lot of exercise in everyday life. If you don’t like doing sports , you can go for a walk regularly. Many calories are not burned when walking, but especially after eating, the walk stimulates the metabolism. In addition, walks reduce stress and clear your head, because losing weight is primarily a matter of the head.

# 05 Fruit instead of candy

Food cravings  are the biggest enemy of losing weight fast. Head and body crave sugar and the chocolate bar is suddenly very attractive again. It is often enough to give yourself some time and wait, because most food cravings will soon subside. If it is not possible otherwise, prefer the apple to the chocolate bar.

# 06 – stairs instead of elevator

If you want to lose weight quickly, you shouldn’t miss any opportunity for exercise in everyday life. Take the stairs instead of the elevator and remember your goals every time. That also strengthensmotivation.

# 07 – More protein instead of carbohydrates

Protein saturates significantly longer than carbohydrates because the body has to use more energy for digestion. In addition, the body produces less insulin after the intake of protein, which is good for fat metabolism. In order to lose weight, the ratio of fat, protein and carbohydrates is not the only important factor. Be careful not to consume too many calories overall.

# 08 – Skipping a meal

It doesn’t always have to be 3 meals. If you eat a balanced diet and pay attention to your macronutrient distribution, two balanced meals should be enough. The two meals can also be placed in such a way that there is a break of around 14-18 hours between dinner and breakfast or lunch. If the body does not eat any food during this period, it slowly switches from burning glycogen (burning sugar) to metabolizing fat. That is the basic concept of intermittent fasting . If you want to lose weight quickly, you should try to get such a break in your diet .

Tip: By skipping a meal, you can easily increase the break between the last and the first meal and thus activate your fat metabolism. It is important, however, that you do not eat any food during the fasting hours. Even the milk in coffee is enough to slow down the fat metabolism again. Find out about all intermittent fasting methods for losing weight and find the one that suits you.

# 09 – No sugary drinks

Many drinks contain significantly more sugar than we think. What our body actually needs through drinks is fluid. If you want to lose weight quickly, you should switch to water completely.

# 10 – Sleep well and a lot

During sleep we regenerate and recharge our batteries for the next day. Those who have had a good rest are more concentrated and more balanced. The willingness to be active during the day increases and a lot becomes easier. Also the fight against food cravings. During restless sleep, the body also produces the appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin, which promotes obesity.

# 11 – Avoid stress

Chronic stress in particular makes it difficult for you to lose weight. Stress causes the body to produce more of the stress hormone cortisol, which in turn slows down fat metabolism. Those who are balanced also make the many decisions about losing weight in everyday life much more rationally.

# 12 – skipping rope

Jumping rope is one of the most effective workouts and can do a great job of helping you lose weight quickly. Various studies on “jumping rope”  have shown that rope training is far more effective than jogging. This is largely due to the significantly higher muscle tone in the motion sequences. When jumping, the whole body has to work. The nice thing about it is: by concentrating on coordination, you notice the effort much less.

# 13 – drink coffee black

Those who like to drink coffee and want to lose weight quickly should only drink their coffee black. Milk coffee, cappuccino or latte macchiato are quite a sugar trap, even without added sugar.

# 14 – More fiber

Dietary fiber has a low energy density because most of it remains undigested. Thus, they fill you up earlier and help you lose weight quickly. Even if the name is a bit misleading, fiber is anything but ballast for the body. Soluble as well as insoluble fiber play a major role in the intestines and metabolism. Even if you do not want to lose weight, you should make sure that you have an adequate intake of fiber. The DGE recommends at least 30 grams of fiber per day. Foods high in fiber include whole grains, vegetables, legumes, potatoes, nuts, and seeds.

# 15 – Fixed dates for sports

Especially those who don’t like sports have a hard time exercising regularly. If you find it difficult to get yourself up for training, you should plan your sport with fixed dates. Fixed times help develop routines. This can be, for example, a sports appointment with a friend. Fixed courses in fitness studios are also good for your own routines in sports. If you want to lose weight quickly, you can support rapid weight loss through regular and effective training.

Lose weight quickly and healthily – The 3 pillars of weight loss

Losing weight quickly isn’t always the healthiest way, but if you keep a few basics in mind, you can lose a few pounds in a short amount of time. The following three pillars are fundamental for losing weight quickly, which above all does not harm your health.

# 01 – The Diet:

The most important pillar of weight loss is diet. If you want to lose weight quickly, you have to supply your body with less energy than it needs. In order to lose weight quickly and healthily, value must also be placed on the macronutrient distribution in the case of a calorie deficit, for example in order not to lose muscles or develop deficiency symptoms. Macronutrients, or macros for short, are carbohydrates, proteins and fats. They are the basic building blocks of our diet because they provide us with energy and are important elements for our cells.

Monotonous diets are exhausting for the body and psyche after a short time. Ideally, find the low-calorie foods that you will eat during the diet beforehand. This way you are more motivated and more likely to stick to your lightning diet. It’s also fun to try new foods.

# 02 – The Mental Attitude:

Above all, losing weight quickly is also a strain on the head. With the right mindset, you can stay motivated and take a lot of pressure off yourself. Above all, your own motivation for rapid weight loss plays a major role. Those who do the lightning diet for themselves, and generally see losing weight as an appreciation for their own body, are more likely to celebrate success than someone who really only loses weight for a single event or is not so dissatisfied with their own pounds themselves.


One should be aware that weight loss is always proportional to mass. This means that fatter people can lose more weight than thinner ones. This is mainly due to a higher energy consumption.

# 03 – The sport:

Unfortunately, you can’t run away from a bad diet. Losing weight quickly works primarily through diet. Sport can support this, but not compensate for it. If you want to lose weight quickly and effectively, you should also do intensive sport based on a balanced diet. The WHO recommends that adults between the ages of 18 and 64 do about 75 minutes of intense exercise per week. For additional health benefits, such as losing weight, the WHO recommends 150 minutes of intense exercise a week. This is especially true for people who are not on a diet. One of the main things you should do to lose weight quickly is to exercise regularly. 3 to 4 short but intense workouts a week are a good program for losing weight quickly with exercise. The training doesn’t have to be competitive sport, but the exercises have to be challenging. It is best to have a trainer at your gym create your training plan for you. This can adapt your training plan to your goal of losing weight quickly and your individual fitness.

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