An old European Christmas custom consisted of giving children an Advent calendar on December 1: in a box the days of the month – from 1 to 25 – were marked in compartments, behind which a toy or a toy was hidden. sweet. In this way, the children counted the days until Christmas, but they also had a daily prize! How about doing the same, but for beauty and health and to start the year? Imagine all the benefits it can bring you, you will arrive in 2014 radiant and full of light! Sounds good, don’t you think? Say goodbye to 2013 with the right foot and the best attitude. You’ll feel great and look even better next year.

  1. Start a healthy eating plan. The recipe? One strong meal a day; the other two, light. “At parties, you usually relax and eat a lot at all times. The ideal is to indulge ourselves, but once a day. The other two meals must be made frugal so as not to accumulate weight ”, recommends the Spanish nutritionist Pilar Sempau, author of the book When life weighs.
  2. Share. Invite a friend to make this calendar with her. Shared challenges are more fun and easier to do.
  3. Treat yourself in advance. Buy a book on makeup techniques, like Bobbi Brown’s. It will be of great use to you in everyday life.
  4. Celebrate the ‘Day of the Forgotten’. Pamper and pamper your elbows, knees, and heels. Exfoliate and hydrate them.
  5. Dare with makeup. Change the way you apply it or experiment with a color with which you have never been encouraged.
  6. Don’t forget to pamper your hair. To make it look healthy and shiny, apply a treatment; you will also avoid split ends.
  7. Give yourself an award. Have a glass of wine or indulge in a delicious dessert.
  8. Drill day. While you are resting, try some recipes for snacks or desserts to take to your meetings. We recommend the ones on the page.
  9. Rehearse. Choose two or three of the make-up looks from the book you bought and practice them.
  10. Complement your makeup … with a new lipstick. Go for it when leaving the office or school.
  11. Rest (or start). Do you exercise Today is your free day? Don’t do it? Start a simple half-hour routine every day. If you are constant, you will notice the change in no time.
  12. Detox day. Drink only fruit and vegetable juices. “It is ideal for improving the skin”, assures the nutritionist Pilar Sempai.
  13. Give your body a boost. Depending on the needs of your skin, hair, and nails, choose a nutritional supplement that helps them regenerate more quickly. Yves Rocher, Revidox, and Innéov have a wide range, and since they are not drugs, they are not contraindicated for most people.
  14. Deep beauty. At night, do a good exfoliation and apply a hydrating mask; natural or cosmetic, you decide.
  15. Time to cut and dye your hair. Do it today! The following weekend you will be a thousand and you will not have time.
  16. Go shopping. It’s fortnight! Buy a perfume to give to someone you love very much… By the way, choose another for yourself!
  17. Try hairstyles. The styles you want to wear at Christmas and New Years’. Surprise everyone with a very trendy look!
  18. Deep body hydration day. Before going to bed, shower, exfoliate, and apply plenty of moisturizers all over your body. Put on some old pajamas and go to sleep! You will wake up with princess skin.
  19. Dedicate yourself to your hands. Buy white petroleum jelly or a special moisturizer for this area, apply it at night, and put on some cloth or silicone gloves. They will fit you like a dream!
  20. Carbohydrate free day. Just for today eat only protein (meat, fish, or chicken) and vegetables. No fruit or flour! It is a small sacrifice that your body will appreciate very much.
  21. Host a ‘beauty night’. Invite your friends and each other apply facial masks, paint their nails, outline their eyebrows … They can also hire -among all- a masseuse or cosmetologist to consent.
  22. Do you suffer from the ‘shopping madness’? Pamper yourself with a good dessert or drink.
  23. Visit a nail bar. Paint your nails in a festive and trendy color (check out our proposals).
  24. Today is a key day … Eat light, try to rest at some point during the day (a half-hour nap is perfect), and at night get super pretty with everything you have learned.
  25. Enjoy the reheated (or make it your cheat day ). You deserve it! But yes, keep taking care of yourself the rest of the month so that 2014 is without excess baggage!

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