4 tips for positioning your healthcare facility with medical marketing

The web is increasingly the protagonist in our choices, also in the medical field and the behaviors adopted in this area show changes. The web searches in health are becoming more frequent and have different objectives: the need to get more information on specific diseases, the identification of the closest medical facilities at home rather than the identification of the […]

25 Days to be More Beautiful and Healthy

An old European Christmas custom consisted of giving children an Advent calendar on December 1: in a box the days of the month – from 1 to 25 – were marked in compartments, behind which a toy or a toy was hidden. sweet. In this way, the children counted the days until Christmas, but they also had a daily prize! How about doing […]

12 Silly Tips For Perfect Skin

Beauty tips, we all have them. But are we sure they are good? We try to get back on the right track thanks to 12 make-up and bulk care tips. For those who already know them, bravo! For those who are lost in the whirlwind of beauty, these simple and effective beauty tips could quickly become your essentials to display […]